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  • INTERNATIONAL EVENTS - Participations of Romanian teams:
  •   Championnats du monde de scrabble francophone:   Marrakesh (Morocco), 11-18 July 2004
  •   Romanian Festival of English Scrabble:   (dates to be established)
      Romanian Festival of French Scrabble:   Poiana Brasov, 20-29 August 2004
  • CALENDAR OF ALL EVENTS - Competitions in English
    Upcoming:   5 June, Bucharest: French Scrabble contest

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  • RULES - Competitions: CNIS, CNSI, CNSP, Romanian Cup, etc.
  •   Original Romanian game versions: Anticipation - Puzzles - Scrabble by Mail, etc.

    Scrabble in Romania

    The history of Scrabble playing in Romania starts in February 1982, when the rules of the game are presented for the first time, in a popular scientific & technical news magazine. This was the beginning of a series of articles that would regularly be published there, in a permanent Scrabble column, for 20 months. The two authors, Serban Teodoru and Ioan Comanescu, made a thorough description of the game's rules and virtues, established the Romanian set of tiles adapted to the letter frequency in the Romanian language, and proposed to the interested readers 15 scrabble puzzles, grouped in 2 open contests.

    In July 1983, Ioan Apostol created a Scrabble page in "Rebus", the most popular crosswords and puzzles magazine. Since December 1983, the scrabble page was taken over by three great scrabble players and managers: Alexandru Petrescu, Mihai Dudea and Ninel Aldea. This page was to become the very center of the scrabble "universe" in Romania, and it was through this magazine that organized scrabble playing activities would be coordinated until 1990.

    1984 was the year of the greatest scrabble emulation in Romania. A formidable cycle of original puzzles and versions of the game raised huge interest, and hundreds of new players participated in the contests organized by the magazine. The most popular Romanian game versions (Anticipation, Composition, and Tactical Duplicate) were launched that year. These types of games would later be included in our indoor events, together with the classical game. The first National Championship of Scrabble by Mail was organized that year. The first indoor Duplicate contest took place at Bucharest, in June. The first scrabble clubs were being founded. The "Isotope" club in Piatra Neamt conducted by Marilena Panait organized the first nationwide multi-trial tournament (Duplicate and Anticipation).

    In 1985, a two-week National Scrabble Camp organized at Covasna by Nicolae Oprisiu and Stefan Covaciu was attended by about 100 players. Since that year, annual event series (up to 8 tourneys / year!) would be organised in turn, by an ever increasing number of clubs.

    In 1987, Scrabble was officially acknowledged as a sport, and a Scrabble Section was created within the powerful Romanian Chess Federation. The first official "National Scrabble Champion" titles were awarded that year.

    The Romanian Scrabble Federation, as a distinctive legal entity affiliated to the Ministry of Sports, was founded in 1990.

    The first scrabble contest in French was held in December 1990, and since 1991 we have had a National Championship of French Scrabble and an International French Scrabble Festival in Romania each year. Romanian scrabble players have also regularly participated in the World Campionships of French Scrabble.

    The first National Championship in English was organised in 1999, and since that year it has become a regular annual event in the official Calendar of the Romanian Scrabble Federation.

    In 2004, we also intend to organise an international event: Romania's 1st International Festival of English Scrabble.

    *** further details soon ! ***